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Some of the places we have on the site are protected or have no easy access or parking. It is vital that we try and maintain limited access to protect these spaces.

As guests at the chalets you can view some of these hidden places and arrange with us to go and visit them.

If you've booked through Airbnb, please put your booking ref, date of your arrival and which chalet you're in to confirm access.

Registering with us makes it easier to manage your booking and gives you access to information like your door code, we'll also send you directions reminders and many other handy things you may need for your visit.

Of Course we have provided this info via Airbnb. We provide it for guests who book through our own website and offer it here to all our guests if they want it.

Braevalla Chalets - Skinidin - Dunvegan - Isle Of Skye - Scotland - IV55 8ZS