Water, the very stuff of life.

We have a wonderful supply of mountain spring water at the chalets. Our water comes from an underground spring 300m up the Northern MacLeod’s table , Healabhal Mhor, behind us.

View of Healabhal Mhor from the entrance to the road to the chalets

View of Healabhal Mhor from the entrance to the road to the chalets.

Healabhal Mhor

Our water comes from the mountain behind us. The Catchment tank is way up the hill to give us great pressure.

Water Treatment

Water Filters

Underground Spring

The water comes from an Underground spring approx 300m up the hill before being stored in a 9000 litre catchment tank 60m above us, which gives us great pressure for all 3 of the chalets. It is then double filtered with first a 50 micron filter, then a 5 micron filter (shown here).

UV Filtration

Calmag Ultra 79 UV Disinfectant system

UV Filtration

Passed through UV Filter which naturally disinfects the water. No chemicals are used in this process  leaving beautiful natural spring water. Tested rigorously, yearly, by the Local Council and deemed fit for human consumption.

The water will occasionally retain the colouring of the peat that it originally passed through, but will mostly run clear even after heavy rainfall.

Check out our page on Coffee for a run down of the benefits of using such lovely spring water in hot beverages.

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